My name is Alex and I'm a TGA student looking for an internship

I dabble in engine and tools

Specialization: Juiced space invaders

A juiced take on a classic. Read more and play here.

Previous projects


Made using own engine - Team size: 17 - 14 Weeks 50% + 1 week 100%

The 7th project at TGA using the engine we created from the previous game. A third person puzzle game set in a cold wasteland.

  • Shader pipeline

  • Entity/component viewer and editor

  • Terrain generation

  • Render targets

More info about this project can be found here.

Spite - Blood sun

Made using own engine - Team size: 17 - 14 Weeks 50%

This was the 6th project at TGA and started with the creation of our own engine. I worked mostly on the engine and some on the boss. Here's a list of my main contributions:

  • Core infrastructure (postmaster, statestack, input, EnTT workflow, data serialization)

  • Resource management

  • Statemachine

  • Animations

More info about this project can be found here.


Made using inhouse engine (TGA2D) - Team size: 12 - 6 Weeks 50%

Fifth game made at TGA and this time it was a 2D adventure game.

I enjoyed working with the level loading in the previous project and since we used the same software for creating levels (Tiled). I took this as an opportunity to iterate and improve the system in order to give our designers some more freedom. Adding height levels and lighting to them was the most notable addition in-game.

Additionally, I contributed with a statestack, an inputmapper, the menus, and object pools.


Made using inhouse engine (TGA2D) - Team size: 13 - 8 Weeks 50%

A 2D platformer.

I worked mostly on the level export/import pipeline. We used Tiled as our level editor which output it's data to JSON. Last project I started on a JSON serializer which made it very easy to reconstruct the full data structure in-game. Once that was done I moved on to gameplay features: bouncy mushroom, enemies and the player. I also added all the sounds.

Cold cooperation

Made using inhouse engine (TGA2D) - Team size: 14 - 8 Weeks 50%

As the third project at TGA we were tasked with making a shoot 'em up.

Spent some time on a JSON serializer and I'm very glad I did as it has been used a lot in all upcoming projects since. Other than that I mostly worked on gameplay features such as bullets, shield and highscores.


Made using Unity - Team size: 13 - 6 Weeks 50%

A runner type game with a cosy atmosphere.

My work mostly revolved around the water which was a mesh generated along a spline. This was before I know what shaders were so the waves were simulated on the CPU with the help of perlin noise.